Grade 3/4 English School supplies 2017-18

Glue sticks

Liquid glue

2 pkgs. four scribblers

24-48 sharpened no. 2 pencils

6 duotangs (various colors, please put name on them)

2 pks. loose leaf papers

coloring pencils


fine tip markers

5-6 white erasers

pair of scissors

30cm transparent ruler

pencil case (zipper ones are preferred)

double pocket, plastic folder

hard covered journal

white board

6-8 dry erase markers


2-3 pens

They also need:

Pair of indoor sneakers, lunchbox and backpack.  It would be beneficial if students had something to erase their white boards with.  The dollar store sells brushes, but a mismatched glove or sock does the trick!

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